Piratebox – some notes

Based on this http://daviddarts.com/piratebox-diy-openwrt/ tutorial I was building my own PirateBox in order to customize it later on.
The steps are quite easy to follow but some things could have been made a bit clearer.

Stuff You’ll Need

TP-Link MR3020 (Newegg) or TP-Link TL-WR703N (DX) (eBay)
USB Flash Drive (formatted FAT32 with a single partition)
Ethernet cable
5V/USB Battery (optional)
+ gateway-router not having

You also need (see step 13) a gateway-router, “e.g. your home network modem”. Meaning a router where you have access to, can plug in another ethernet cable with your piratebox and probably also need to have access to to change it’s IP adress to something that is NOT because after having setup your PirateBox, the PirateBox will be (Meaning any office/university/school/shared internet with neighbors setup probably won’t work cause the box needs the internet connection of the router to install the packages…)

After this slight IP-address confusion the PirateBox is now up and running, thanks to great support from MaStr– in the Piratebox IRC channel.


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